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Our commitments

The earnings will be coming from the reflections earned on the wallets from the core team each holding 7,5 trillion EFC.

The team will donate 2,5% from its earnings to charity and climate improvement projects. This will be communicated on a dashboard on the EverFlowcoin website when and how much has been donated to which cause.

When we find a good opportunity for having good nonconvensional utilities, we will collaberate with other companies to make it work. Therefore we will continuously look out for possibilities regarding to having utilities to make our concept even stronger than it already is.

The team decides to not apply for any central exchanges if the contract’s tokenomics can’t be implemented. This implies that every sell, buy or transfer from the EverFlowcoin token will be included in one liquidity volume to distribute reflections.  

The team behind EFC

We are a small but dedicated team that will expand in the future. We will be as transparant as possible, however stay anonymous. That's the single case we want to keep it the way it is. Everything Everflow coin-related will be shared through our social media platforms.   

Everflow Andy

Founder Everflow Coin
Head Development

John EFC

Founder Everflow Coin
Community Manager